As a world-class provider of air cargo broker services, Shin Toyo Gate is serious about your entire shipping experience.



Air Cargo (Air freight) is one of the most popular modes of international transport today. Using international air cargo for high value items, fast delivery goods, fresh goods, … very quickly and meet the demand for transportation in a short time and timely delivery.

Shin Toyo Gate Co., Ltd is a most company specialized in the field of international transport by air services for import and export cargo. With long-standing experience in international air cargo services, have good relationships and contracts with international air carriers such as Singapore Airlines, Thai Airways, Malaysia Airlines, Japan Airlines, China Airlines, Eva Air, Korean Airlines, Asiana Airlines, United Airlines, Lufthansa Airlines, Air France, Cargolux and Vietnam Airlines. when using the service even during peak season.

With our worldwide network of Air Freight Forwarders, we are able to meet the demand for Air Freight Services around the world: China, Korea, Japan, Germany, France, Italy, USA, Finland, India, Iran, Spain, Switzerland, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, … with fastest delivery and freight charges most competitive.



Shin Toyo Gate Co., Ltd with professional and experienced of air rate team, we always ready to assist customs clearance procedures at the airport, packing service in accordance with international standards as well as consulting customers on the suitable quantity for each shipment if necessary.

When using Shin Toyo Gate Logistics’s air freight service, customers will feel secure and satisfied with the price, caring style dedicated by staffs of many years experienced in the Air Freight Services of us.

As a premier air cargo broker, Shin Toyo Gate strives to make your shipping success with these essential components:
  • Safety – Our goal is that the air carrier delivers your supplies, parts and finished products in perfect condition
  • Speed – Through multiple transportation channels across the globe, country, or the city next door, seamlessly
  • Accessibility – With dedicated 24/7/365 customer service and detailed air cargo tracking information, regardless of the size of your freight
  • Convenience – Request shipping via phone or online with easy, straightforward instructions and understandable terms and conditions
  • Economical – Ship your air cargo without breaking the bottom line by selecting from an extensive selection of services to fit your budget

As a freight broker, instead of maintaining our own aviation fleet, we coordinate the services of multiple cargo airlines to get your freight wherever you need it to be. This is the logistical strength and knowhow provides across all of its services. We dive deep into air cargo schedules and have an in-depth understanding of global cargo routes. We investigate each airline carefully, to determine whether they have the skills and resources to keep our clients’ items safe from start to finish. These critical business partnerships benefit our customers through competitive rates, superior service, and most importantly – getting to the destination on time with your air cargo safe and secure. No matter how tight a client’s deadline or how delicate the items they’re shipping, we have the resources and arrange for their delivery anytime, anywhere.



By selecting our air cargo broker charter services for critical freight, you can overcome all odds in getting your shipment delivered. We focus on fragile freight, highly valuable cargo, time-critical freight and everything in-between. This includes arranging for handling scheduled one-off air services, emergency air shipping, and specialized storing methods. Air charters are ideal for those extra-large cargo shipments that must arrive on time on a very compressed schedule. We’ll partner with you to determine and arrange the very best air charter option to meet your delivery objectives – and monitor the shipment every step of the way. With an air charter you get:

  • Exclusive use of the optimum aircraft operated by an air carrier matched to your shipment’s needs, from turboprops to jumbo jets
  • The quickest shipment method available, period
  • Our industry expertise to match your shipment to the right air carrier with the rightsized aircraft
  • Virtually zero limitations on shipment size
  • Around the clock availability, support and coverage
  • Onboard courier or air cargo chaperone services
  • Our global network logistics to arrange transportation to and from anywhere on the planet

Successful deliveries are only achieved through careful, detailed planning. We work with you to develop a last-mile delivery plan so that same day air-cargo or ground services are supported by cost-effective options whether the final destination is a home, a business or even the middle of nowhere.

Choosing the right air cargo broker is a critical business decision. With Shin Toyo Gate, experience the trust and peace of mind that comes from an expert delivery plan and working with a dedicated agent from start to finish. For more information, contact us today at (+81) 045-550-7196. We look forward to working with you as your complete logistics partner!

For more information, please contact us at (+81) 045-550-7196.






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